Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everybody Loves An Award..

April is National Poetry Month. Okay so maybe that doesn't mean much to you but to a closet Poetry freak like me it was the chance to participate in the poetry challenge on the Writers Digest blog Poetic Asides, written by Robert Lee Brewer.

The challenge was to write a poem a day based on a prompt given by Robert. That was 30 poems in 30 days. At first I thought, what the hell I'll give it a go and see how I do but after day three I was hooked. Not only did I anxiously await the next prompt but I was pretty happy about many of the poems I wrote, and even happier when Robert highlighted many of them in his weekly "highlights" posts.

At the end, Robert kept track of everyone who participated in the challenge every day and sent us this award (there's a bigger one too!)

I know, I'm almost three months late in posting this but I'm still pretty proud. I got this and 30 new poems to tinker with...sure beats a whole lot of nuttin.

Here's one from Day 20 -- the prompt was to write a love poem:

Helping Hands

It would be better to think
you were made for me
a custom order
handcrafted to please
those hands that have held babies
carried groceries
and tarped roofs
were just practicing
for that day in the yard
when you reached out
to steady me
and keep me from falling

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Susan said...

Teri - this poem is so beautiful. It's always such an amazing feeling to read something that resonates so much that tears come to your eyes. Thank you for sharing it!