Monday, August 11, 2008

Skin and Bones Under a Clear Blue Sky

Last Monday night I read from Skin and Bones as part of the Summer Gazebo reading series in Oceanside, Long Island. It was a perfect night to sit out on the beautiful green and listen to poetry and prose. The evening is hosted by the local Kiwannis Club and helps to raise money for underprvileged children to go to summer camp. Who can't get behind that? My friend Gina came with Christopher and Matthew who are getting used to attending readings as this was their second one in three days! Christopher served as my photographer and grabbed a bunch of shots while I read (thanks Chris!)


Gwyn Cready said...

So glad the reading went well and that you had an appreciate audience. Any chance you'd be willing to post an excerpt for the folks who couldn't be there? Also, will you be doing more readings?

Anonymous said...

And the reading was magnificent--you forgot to add that! Our audience enjoyed it tremendously--and we look forward to seeing you back at The Gazebo again!! (and more photos on our site) Thanks again!