Thursday, October 02, 2008

Banning Down the House....

Support the First Amendment, Read a Banned Book I don't have a lot of hot button issues (okay maybe I do) but one that really gets into my craw is banning books. BOOKS!! Yup, that's worthy of two exclamation points. The thought of banning a book is akin to banning someone from a buffet because they are fat (wait, we're not doing that yet are we?)

To me a book is like a person. Heck, a book is a whole world and like intergalactic travel, if you don't believe in it then don't get on the spaceship when it comes to your house but for heaven sake don't spoil everyone else's ride!

I'm serious. I don't like a lot of people I meet but I don't want to ban them (except maybe stinky guy who always finds a seat next to me on the morning commute -- but there I mean the deodorant kind of Ban.)

I am not a fan of our President but I don't want to Ban him -- wait yes I do. Okay, let me take a step back. Books are better than people and aliens and presidents.

Books are...well you know, right? Books can change the way you think or they can remind you of how people USED to think (or how some people still do) they can send you a warning of the future even though the title is in the past (1984 -- are we there yet? Almost.)

I even bet books were important back when people and dinosaurs roamed the earth together! (Was that before the Bible or after it? I always get that confused!)

So this week is Banned Books Week sponsored by the American Library Association and no that doesn't mean to ban you and your loved ones from reading -- in fact why don't you ban yourself from that television and get yerself a nice good book, a cup or joe or tea and settle in? Don't know what to read start with a list of banned books.

While you're at it, download the first amendment first-aid kit posted by Random House and pray the answer to our energy crisis isn't to burn books for fuel. Oh wait, you don't have to pray if you fight the good fight and protect the first amendment.

I thank you, libraries thank you and my little friend here thanks you...

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