Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Presidential Debate?


I'm just going to come clean and admit that I spent more time watching the season finale of Project Runway than I did the debate. When it comes down to it I'm not sure the outcome of either changes anything one was immensely more entertaining than the other . Both, however, had a little too much whining. Although Kenly has talent and I did like what she did with feathers and construction, I could not take another episode of that incessant whining and crying mixed with arrogance. It reminded me too much of our friend (if I never hear someone use that expression again it will be too soon) and hopefully soon to be has been John McCain. Last night he reminded me of a little dog that lived next door to me that was meaner than the pit bull across the street. (He seemed so agitated I almost felt bad for him.)

I'm done with the debates and with listening to any more analysis. I want to mix it up a bit. Maybe an underdog stand off between Kenly and John? A debate done pageant style with an evening gown portion and then a "whine" off to see who could roll their eyes and complain the loudest. That would be worth watching. My money is on Kenly though, I can't see McCain in feathers.

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