Monday, February 23, 2009

That jacket looks good on you...

I'm going to come clean -- I have had the artwork for my book jacket since early January. I haven't been holding out on you, honestly. My life has been a bit of a blur these past two months -- so much so that even I haven't had a chance to truly take it in. So allow me to gush.

Here are the top 10 things I like about my cover:

10. Cool blue. The blue on this jacket is so cool and scary and calming all at the same time.

9. ISBN Number. Sounds geeky but my book finally has its' own ISBN!

8. Excerpt on the back. You can't see it very well (that's intentional -- I don't want you to feel like you're getting the milk without buying the cow!)

7. The Ballantine Books logo on the spine. Makes it feel real!

6. The glossy smooth "hardcover jacket" feel of the paper

5. My title (who knew I would love it so much?)

4. My name on the spine.

3. My name on the cover.

2. The flap copy (see number 8 on why I'm not showing you that!)

and the #1 thing I love the most about my book cover!


Okay. I'm done gushing. I've folded the cover back up and put it away to gaze upon later. Back to work -- wait -- just one more look.

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