Monday, April 13, 2009

Life in the blurbs

You may not think about what makes you buy that book you picked up on the front table of your favorite bookstore, maybe it was a staff pick, it was the proximity to the register, the color of the cover, a recommendation from a friend, or maybe, just maybe it was one of the blurbs you read that made you want to buy it. Blurbs are just another way for a reader to want to buy your book.

I feel like sharing blurbs is a little like carrying around your yearbook and making people read what the quarterback wrote to you (the quarterback never signed my yearbook -- maybe that's why I became a writer?) but it's really hard not to share them (mind you I wouldn't share the quarterback.)

Book Review
A favorable Publisher's Weekly review came just in time to appear on some of my publicity materials, book cover and yes it is on Amazon now too.

Author Blurbs
Three great writers gave me three great reviews. (While you are waiting for The Last Bridge might I recommend supporting one these writers?)

Teri Coyne grabbed me from the first page and never let me go. I read through the night until I came to the last lovely chapter. The Last Bridge is a whirlwind of a book.”—Amanda Eyre Ward, author of Forgive Me

Teri Coyne has created a hypnotic portrait of an American family under attack from within, told with such unflinching honesty that you cannot take your eyes off the page. Not since Bastard Out of Carolina have we seen the breathtaking courage it takes to survive and triumph after paying the price of dark secrets corroding the heart of a family. Cat stings you with her caustic tongue, makes you laugh out loud with her wild humor, brings you to tears with the revelation of her trials, and finally lifts you to your feet as she fights her way free to love again. This is a tough, rewarding read you'll never forget.”Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife

"Cat is an unforgettable character, and The Last Bridge is at once searing and authentic. Teri Coyne has created a compelling mystery, a family drama and a literary delight. Read the first page, and you won’t be able to put it down." -- Masha Hamilton author of The Camel Bookmobile

Book Bloggers
Want proof the novel isn't dead? Check out all the great book blogs out there. These sites are read and run by passionate readers who take their reading seriously. Many of these bloggers have received advance copies of my book and are now posting reviews of them. This site On My Bookshelf featured me in their Waiting on Wednesday posting and then reviewed the book.

Even though you are not supposed to, some people sell the advanced reader copies of a book. Hey at least they're trying to get a good price by stating it's a very good book.

Emails from Readers
If that isn't enough, I've gotten a few emails from readers who found my website and wanted to drop me a line to say how much they liked the book. Hands down this is my favorite kind of feedback!

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