Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Helping Hand...

I got an email last night from a friend asking me for some suggestions on how they could help with the book. As I was drafting a response I realized it would be easier to make this a post and share it. Most of these suggestions fall into the category of "word of mouth." Yes, in spite of signings, reviews, interviews and yes folks, even blog entries, the best way to sell books is to write one that people want to read and share with others. I hope I did my part by writing the book and if you like it I hope you will share it.

Speaking of sharing, if you have any other suggestions or ideas about ways to get the word out let me know, I'm game. (Okay maybe I should clarify that...I'm not sure I would eat bugs to sell books.)

Buy the book
Although I like to support independent bookstores and anything local, I'm happy to have you buy the book wherever you like. I have links on my website to all the major online retailers including Indiebound which can hook you up with listings to local independent bookstores. (Special thanks to those of you that have pre-ordered the book.)

Tell your friends about the book
There are lots of ways to do this, here are some of the main ways.
  1. Bring a friend to an event or tell them about the book.

  2. Recommend the book via email. If you want you can send them an excerpt from the book. I have a link on my website that will let you send a brief message with a link to an excerpt.

  3. Send a postcard (or ask me to) I have postcards I can send you if you want to do a mailing or you can shoot me an email with some addresses and I'll send them out with a quick handwritten note that says, "Daniel Craig thought you would be interested in this..." (Obviously I would put your name instead, unless you are Daniel Craig, in which case you need to contact me immediately we have more important things to discuss than my book - like our future together.)

  4. Forward my newsletter to a friend or send them a link to my blog or send me an email to add them to my mailing list.

  5. Post a link to my book trailer, website, reviews, etc. on Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc. (see below for those links)

  6. Write a blog or know someone that does? I can guest blog or be interviewed. I even have interview questions available.

  7. Organizations, libraries, newsletters? If you are involved with any charities, civic organizations or have a relationship with your local library I can do a reading, run a workshop on a variety of subjects related to writing (I can provide you with a list of subjects) do a Q&A, participate in an author lunch to raise money, etc. I can also donate a signed book for a fundraiser or giveaway. (I cannot sing, dance or juggle, so those are out.) (If you are looking to raise money and want to do an author lunch or event I can get other authors to participate.)

  8. Belong to or know of a Book Club? I can join the book club discussion either in person (in the local area) or by speakerphone. There is a reader guide on my website with questions. Don't belong to a book club? You can have a book party -- it can be a small group where I can lead some discussion (or be a guest or not there at all) and get some good conversation going around some of the themes in the book.

  9. Ask your local bookstores and libraries to stock the book if they don't.

  10. Have any other ideas? I'm open to suggestion. (See the part about bugs, singing, juggling and also no thrill rides either.)
Tolerate this promotional period!
I only ask that you give me the same patience you would give the parent of a newborn. Over the next few months I will be talking A LOT about the book and trying to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible but unlike a parent of a newborn I will NEVER ask you to babysit.

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Allison said...

Teri --

Rachel has a book blog and while it's geared towards young adults, she does love to interview authors. Would you consider doing an interview with her?


Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)