Friday, November 28, 2008

It's all covered!

As I keep saying, I am really thrilled about the cover of The Last Bridge. As I have learned through this process the whole purpose of a cover is to get someone to pick up the book and want to know what it is about. It should also convey something about the story.

The unanimous response I have gotten from people who pass by my office (yes, I have a copy of my cover taped to my door) is that they love the cover and want to know more about what the book is about. The best part is I get the reaction from men and women which is what we want.

Personally, the cover really stirred a intense response in me. It evokes a pivotal moment in the book. Although I had written and rewritten this moment many times and spent countless more hours thinking through the details and emotions of the scene, I did not, until that moment truly feel the enormity of it until I saw this cover. It captures it and in doing so, it captures the heart of the story.

I hope you will feel the same way too when you read the book, then again, you may not see the cover or the story in the same way. That's the best part of all...there is no one way to experience anything.

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