Friday, December 05, 2008

The name is Dench...Judi Dench

I finally saw Quantum of Solace. I know it's only been open for a few weeks but I was planning on taking a day off to see it the day it was released. I can't help it, I'm a bit obsessed with Daniel Craig. It confounds me why I find him so....appealing. He's not my type (never mind that I am sure I am far from his) and he is in a very dangerous line of work (actor not secret agent) but still, there I am in the movie theatre shaking my head and thinking, "It's just wrong that one man could have so much....appeal."

I'm not the only one, my friend Gina and I share this obsession and while we have tried to pull others into our web, most of our female friends shrug their shoulders as if they wouldn't give him a second thought even if he was a waiter serving them their favorite cocktail. That's okay, on a Friday afternoon Gina and I were alone in a big dark movie theatre watching Daniel travel the world working out his rage over losing the woman he loved while wearing spectacularly tailored clothes.
Daniel may inspire fantasy but Dame Judi Dench inspires me as woman. Whenever I see her I think, "she just keeps getting better and better." She is beautiful, talented, graceful and has a fierce sexuality that boils just beneath the surface. Plus, she too has spectacularly tailored clothes.

When I look at women like Judi Dench or even men like Daniel Craig, I want to see their history. I want to see what life has done to them, that's part of their...appeal. To me, Sean Connery didn't get hot until he was well into his fifties. Maybe we like to see ourselves reflected on the screen, or examples of how to age gracefully or look good in spectacularly tailored clothes.

Whatever it is, as long as Daniel and Judi ride the Bond franchise I'm in...unfortunately I'll be wearing sweatpants.

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