Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give Books!!!

Here's my pitch for the perfect Holiday gift -- a book. I know, it's not a new car or video game but buying a book does many great things. One, it supports the arts in an extremely inexpensive way, two it supports writers and their publishers (which means you are supporting people like me!) and three it works the most important muscle in your body -- your brain.

The best reason to give a book is to have the experience I had today. I gave an audio book to the woman who cuts my hair who is also a friend. She opened it before I left and ran up to me and said she had heard about the book and was dying to read it. (In this case listen but you get the idea.) She said she couldn't wait to listen to the stories. Then we started talking about the subject and how cool it was and well, before I knew it we were hugging and feeling very good about ourselves (and my hair.) The cost $14.99 -- what book was it? Come on, you think I'm going to tell you? (I will if you email me.)

While you're at it -- email me your favorite books to give -- because guess what -- I'M GIVING BOOKS!!

Check out the video and please STOP reading this and GO OUT AND BUY SOME BOOKS!!!!

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