Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let them Eat Cake..

After ordering a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling for my book party last Thursday, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing better than writing a book is turning it into a cake! (Man was it good. My only regret about the whole evening was not having a second piece!)

Sometimes everything comes together perfectly, and I have to say that was the case last Thursday. After a
stifling hot day on Wednesday the weather broke and delivered a cool summer breeze just in time for the soiree. My idea was to be able to spend some time with my peeps, having a cocktail and toasting the end of a very long road. My peeps had a different idea as they brought and bought more books for me to sign. I'm not complaining except...for the part about not getting enough cake.

My Mom stayed with me to be there for both the launch at The Corner Bookstore and the party at The Havana Room so she had the good fortune of helping me assemble the favor bags. My friend Gina rode in with Mom and I and helped setup and took on the role of "banker" which was a good thing as people were handing me money for the book and I was getting very close to putting it in my bra (I didn't have any pockets!) Catherine (who has become my unofficial event photographer) took most of the great pics on the slide show to the right (special thanks for additions from Stacey, Connie and Donna!)

I have to say it is a point of great pride that although my party peeps were from all facets of my life (writers, colleagues from work, friends of friends, high school friends, publishing, and relatives) they all had one thing in common (aside from knowing me) and that was the ability to mix, mingle and make new connections.

What lingers now after the party is over, is that pride in knowing that you have managed to find some of the best and finest people to be your friends and supporters.

Now if they wouldn't eat all the cake...everything would be perfect.

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