Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Readers Reach Out

In the week since the book came out I have been overwhelmed (I'm using that word a lot these days) by the response. The first lesson I've learned is a book that is 240 pages long can get read pretty quickly by die hard readers. The second is, many people do it in one or two sitting. Who knew?

Again, when I imagined The Last Bridge getting into the hands of readers I didn't really have a picture of what that would be like. All the supporters who came out to the reading last week bought books and listened to me read, but, unexpectedly (by me) went home and started reading the book! I know this might sound funny but...well...I didn't think people would read it so quickly. Then again, people have been hearing me go on about for anywhere from 2 to 10 years so I guess they have also been waiting to find out what I've been fussing about.

In random order, here are some of the highlights of what I've heard in the last week from friends, and new fans:
  • Over ten people have contacted me to say they read the book in one sitting (and some were a little sleepy at work the next day!)
  • I have had six librarians email me to say they read it and were glad they ordered it for their collections!
  • I'm averaging five emails a day from people who read it and connected to the story and very personal ways (some of the emails are really intense and touching.)
  • I have had four men tell me they cried (is it wrong that I LOVE that?)
  • Two readers have emailed me to ask when my next book is coming out...(uh...first I have to finish it!)
  • Several friends are reading it as they commute to work together
  • Holly Hunter and Jennifer Jason Leigh have been suggested as possible "Cats" for the movie version (no one suggests who can play Addison?)
  • I have gotten emails about specific reviews on Amazon from people who either agree or disagree (and are passionate about it!)
  • I've heard from people who have not read a book in a long time say they couldn't put it down.
  • A few Borders have sold out of the book and have had to re-order it -- heard that from some fans
  • Got pictures from Florida, New Hampshire, and Long Island of my books on display (I need more people!)
The most unexpected thing that has happened though is the connection people feel to Cat and her story. I think I know how a parent must feel when they see their kid making friends on the playground. I'm appreciative of all the readers who are making friends with The Last Bridge...more than words can express.

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Lacey Outlaw said...

Hi - I also read your book in one sitting - I just could not put it down! I think it would make a great movie!